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Capital Campaign


Aquinas Academy has a 25 year legacy of providing a place where Catholic families feel at home in a joint effort to provide a True Education for their children.  Because of the sacrifice of our parents, donors, and staff, we have not only survived but thrived.  Our most recent initiatives have led us to the strongest Classical curriculum, board structure and faculty leadership that we have ever enjoyed.

We now find ourselves at a crossroads. We have the capability to grow our school, yet we are constrained by our current facility that has served us well but was designed for a school of up to 120 students.  In order to strengthen our school and reach out to new families, we need to build again.

The “Silent Phase” of our fundraising effort provides a head start towards the 4.5 million dollars needed for the planned expansion.  The “Public Phase” requires the broader community to match that effort with our own participation and contribution.

The most effective way to achieve our “Public Phase” of  $1.5 million is to reach out to new supporters outside of our inner circle who would be willing to make a significant contribution to support young Catholic families striving for the best possible education for their children.  A recent focus group of parents validated the need for expanded facilities at Aquinas Academy.

  • The current facilities are perfect for the younger students but lack the advanced classrooms and technology necessary for the continued development of the students as they grow older.
  • The full-size gymnasium and larger, specialized classrooms will allow us to overcome facilities limitations for middle school children which we experience in our current building.
  • The new addition is designed with additional classrooms, a science lab, art and music rooms, library, cafeteria, and a full-size gym.