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"Nothing can be of greater benefit to both Christian and civil society than a
timely formation of youth in piety and virtue."" -Pope Gregory XVI

Our Philosophy

Aquinas Academy follows the educational philosophy proposed by the Catholic Church, grounded in Catholic teaching about the meaning and purpose of the human person.

The word “education” is derived from the Latin word “educare” which refers directly to “child-rearing.” In keeping with this meaning, Catholic education recognizes that parents are given the responsibility of being primary educators of their children. Teachers cooperate in the task of child-rearing as secondary educators. While a parent’s authority comes directly from Almighty God through nature, a Catholic teacher’s authority has three components:

  1. the authority that comes from the parents of their students
  2. the authority that comes from the Catholic Church to preach the Gospel
  3. the authority that comes from Almighty God through nature




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