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St Thomas Aquinas abandoned a life of influence to pursue scholasticism
and became one of the most influential intellectuals of all time.

Our Patron

St. Thomas Aquinas is our patron because of his courageous piety and unwavering search for the truth. St. Thomas emphasized that reason and faith can never contradict each other, as these two modes of knowing are grounded in the person of Jesus Christ, Creator and Redeemer of the world.

Philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas

Now more than ever, our society needs the common sense philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas.  His methodology of faith and reason grounds us  in the reality of the world around us. 

St. Thomas believed that Almighty God chose to reveal two types of things to humankind:

  1. the mysteries that are necessary for salvation but that are beyond the human mind to grasp on its own; 
  2. the knowledge that is necessary for human beings to flourish in this world and that is within the ability of the human mind to grasp so that everyone could have access to it.

At Aquinas Academy, we strive to teach our students to know and understand what Almighty God has revealed; to develop their reason so as to be able to grasp the truth of things; to develop their heart so that they recognize beauty and goodness; and to develop their will so that they are able to exercise self-control. St. Thomas Aquinas was a wonderful personal example of the above, and his teaching was aimed at encouraging others to develop them as well.  He was one of the greatest minds and most influential thinkers in western history.