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"The only place success comes before work
is in the dictionary" - Vince Lombardi


Healthy competition supports a student’s human formation and we are grateful for the many parents, coaches, and teachers who support the academy athletic program. Participation in athletics teaches teamwork, self-discipline, dignity, respect for rules and authority, and provides our students with opportunities to practice virtues such as charity, obedience, self-control, graciousness, and humility.

We have an highly competitive and decorated forensics team.  Our athletics offered are based on student interest and vary from year to year.  (Basketball, Volleyball, Track, Flag Football, Soccer).

Student Pride

Academy students, teachers, and families take pride in our student-athletes. We couldn't do it without our volunteer coaches, who do such a wonderful job teaching academy athletes how to set goals, to work hard, to celebrate success, and to be gracious in defeat. All of this fosters appropriate self-esteem and encourages in our students the kind of sporting attitude that supports self-discipline and diligence in their studies and dealings with others as well.

If you are interested in coaching, please contact our Athletic Director: Mrs. Jessica Kurth

Aquinas Academy follows all Archdiocesan athletic policies.