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"The power of speech is as great as any
that can be named" - St John Henry Newman


The word "forensics" comes from the Latin forensis and refers ultimately to the art of speaking competently in public. The Wisconsin Mid-Level Forensics Association provides opportunities for our students to refine this art. There are eighteen different categories  from which students can choose. Short plays, persuasive speeches, new reports, storytelling, and group interpretation are a few examples.

Starting with two students in 2007, the Aquinas Academy Forensics team has grown to more than fifteen students. Our volunteer coaches have many years’ experience in both performing and coaching at the middle-school and high-school levels.

State Competitions

Students from Aquinas Academy have qualified to compete at the State Tournament every year since the team’s inception. We have had many State Finalists and placed 5th in the Small School division in 2013. Students who participate gain not only public speaking skills, but also confidence and leadership abilities that will serve them in high school, college, and in any career they might choose.

Forensics and Classical Education

Forensics is a good fit for a classical school. The classical trivium (threefold path) aims at developing in students an appreciation for beauty and truth in speech (grammar), in argument (logic), and in expression (rhetoric). Participating in Forensics provides Aquinas students the opportunity to practice each of these arts.




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