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"To sing is to pray twice." - St. Augustine

Music & Choir

The formal study of music is integral to classical Catholic education. The word "music" is derived from the Greek "musikê" which refers to the different art forms that are considered to be divinely inspired, for the Greeks, by the Muses, and for Christians, by Almighty God operative within human nature. To neglect the study of music would be to neglect a divine gift intended to beautify and ennoble life.

First, academy students are trained in sacred liturgical music so that we can offer our best to Almighty God at Holy Mass. Second, with a focus on the classical tradition and its major forms, our students learn to identify and appreciate a variety of musical genres and composers. Thirdly, they learn to read music and to develop the habits that support musical appreciation and performance.


Each year our students put on a Christmas Concert and a Spring Concert. The high quality of these programs demonstrates that Aquinas has a first rate music program.

In addition to these two concerts, all of our students learn hymns and chant so that they can participate fully at Holy Mass. Many students also have the opportunity to join one or more of the choirs. The St. Cecilia Choir: practicing at least once a week during school hours, leads the singing at each Mass. This choir is open to all students in grades 6 - 8 and is under the instruction of our music teacher Mrs Martha Ebent