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Aquinas Academy is a Catholic and classical community,
forming the intellect and will.

Catholic and Classical

Aquinas Academy exists to cooperate with families in handing on the Catholic Faith and the culture of Western civilization to their children. We recognize the superiority of the time-tested classical educational methodology in direct contrast to the fluctuating trends of modern progressive or secular humanism.

Learning Community

The Aquinas community is united by the recognition that we are all called by Almighty God – every student, parent, teacher, administrator, and board member – to be actively engaged in learning so far as we are able and living out the vocation we have been called to.

Vibrant and Authentically Catholic Faith

We encourage each other to strive to live the Catholic Faith with integrity growing in a personal and communal relationship with Jesus Christ and set an example worthy of imitation.

Forming Minds and Hearts

Reason and volition are divine gifts that every human must develop so as to know and love what is true, beautiful, and good. Catholic education strives to help students grow in their knowledge and appreciation of these realities by immersing them in Western Catholic culture, namely: our stories, heroes, language, poetry, mathematics, philosophy, history, art, science, music, and literature.

Unique Vocation

The Catholic Faith teaches that every human being is called to fulfill a particular and unique role within the drama of human history. This idea is the meaning of the word “person,” which comes from the Latin phrase dramatis personae, meaning "dramatic roles." Catholic education (set new link) strives to help students to embrace authentic personhood by seeking to discern and follow their respective vocations.