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Welcome - From the Principal

Mr Andrew Denten

Welcome to Aquinas Academy! We are a classical Catholic grade school located on Good Hope Road in Menomonee Falls, just northwest of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. As an independent Catholic School we are proud to be a part of the classical model of education that is reforming and restoring Catholic education in America.

When I first arrived as principal, I was impressed with the cheerful and polite behavior of our students, with the cordiality of our parents, and the professionalism and cooperation of our faculty. The fact that we have some of the best standardized test scores in the nation was, no doubt, also impressive. What truly impressed me, however, was the reverence that our students demonstrate during prayer and at Holy Mass.

Why I rank behavior at Holy Mass as paramount is that if a student  has the self-discipline to behave reverently during Holy Mass, that it indicates his or her school is functioning at very high levels across the in other areas as well. When you get the most important things right, that care overflows into all you undertake. 

We have been blessed with courageous founders, generous benefactors, energetic and gifted teachers, attentive and hardworking students, and supportive parents, all of whom have been willing to make numerous sacrifices in order to further the cause of classical Catholic education for our students.

You are cordially invited to consider becoming part of the Aquinas community. When you have finished learning about the academy through this website, please call us at 262-502-1540 to schedule a private tour.