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"Find new ways to spread the Word of God
to every corner of the world." - Pope Francis

Apostolic Outreach

At Aquinas Academy, the Eucharist and the Holy Mass are the center and source of our faith life and formation. We prepare our hearts to respond with to His grace, and to open our hearts to all whom we encounter.

Aquinas students are encouraged to grow in their own personal relationships with Christ through classroom instruction and the example of faculty and staff members. This growth enables them to recognize our Lord and Savior as the "spark of divine light" within each human being and the importance of witness and evangelisation.


Our students routinely get involved in apostolic outreach within their own families, parishes, and communities. Service is an important way of turning words into action and bringing our faith to life in the world.  Here are some examples of the outreach our students commit to.

  • Christmas Caroling – During Advent, our school choirs visit nearby Adult Day Centers and Assisted Living Facilities to warm the hearts of residents with Christmas cheer.
  • Caritas for Children – The students of Aquinas Academy have “adopted” Milly, a young girl in need, who attends the Stella Maris Boarding School in Uganda.  Each month, our Student Council organizes fundraisers and drives, and all students participate to help provide assistance to Milly.  At pick-up time, you will often hear students describing to their parents what they did for Milly that day.
  • Autumn Apple Picking – Most falls our students visit a local orchard during harvest time to help pick as many apples as they can carry.  These apples are then donated to America’s Second Harvest to be distributed to hunger-relief pantries, meal programs, and shelters.
  • Soles for Jesus – Each year, our school sponsors a week-long shoe drive, collecting new and gently used shoes to help support Soles for Jesus, a non-profit organization that shares the love of Christ by distributing shoes to those in need in sub-Saharan Africa. The students realize through presentations and discussion how important shoes are for the health and safety of everyone, and in particular, how needed they are by the many orphans living in poverty in that part of the world.