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Capital Campaign

When Aquinas Academy opened in 1991, it did so with a vision of forming young people.  The fundamental concept that guided our founders is the Christian understanding of the human person. 

Each one of us, created in the image and likeness of God has a vital need to be formed so as to be able heroically to respond to our Savior's grace-filled invitation to enter into a personal relationship with Almighty God and ultimately to attain eternal life. As a Catholic school, our greatest emphasis will always be on the formation of the intellect in truth, the will in goodness, and the sentiments in beauty so that each child can come to understand the sacred and spiritual significance of the secular and historical realm in which we live.

Over the years, the need for and mission of Aquinas Academy has grown. While remaining committed to a classical pedagogy, Aquinas continues to strive to improve. An independent Catholic academy, founded in authentic Catholic doctrine, utilizing the time-tested classical pedagogy, these are the same foundational principles established years ago by the caring and generous people who, unafraid to trust in God, founded Aquinas Academy.


"Be Not Afraid"

Today, Aquinas is a thriving K3 – 8th grade academy on 68 beautiful acres.  Our significant growth has maximized our current facility. Our challenge is to “Be Not Afraid” and take the next step toward the fulfilling our founding vision of an authentically Catholic, 3K-12th grade, classical, college-preparatory academy.

We are currently in the silent phase of a capital campaign. Once we have secured sufficient major gifts in the early stage will we have confidence that the public phase will be successful. WE CAN DO IT, but it requires action! While we face the reality of paying our current salaries and bills, we prayerfully ask you to start thinking about also helping equip our new classrooms, adorning our new chapel, and opening the doors to our future. Right now, since funds are needed to sustain operations, you can help by giving to the Aquinas Academy Annual Fund Drive (AFD). Participation is the key to our success!